About The Back Trail

The earth was created for us to enjoy and sustain ourselves. To different people this means different things. To most people who grew up in a small town or near any patches of forest land; this could mean a number of outdoor activities that are intertwined with their everyday life.

To a select few, the mountains are intertwined with their very being. Intertwined through bone and sinew, influencing themselves as residents and caretakers of this beautiful planet. Some of us did not grow up in a small town, nestled among the mountains. Some grew up among towering peaks of steel and winding paths of concrete but discovered within themselves a love, and appreciation and a yearning for the high and lonely places.

One common thread you will find here, is that we all share a passion for the hunt. To us there is nothing else like chasing big game in the beautiful places of the mountains. Sometimes with stick and string, sometimes with more modern equipment but one thing is the same; we do it in celebration. Much like the early people who roamed this land; we do it in respect and admiration for the species we hunt.

I will never forget something my father told me the very first time he took me hunting. We had just jumped a buck as we trod through the snow, following an old logging road. As I watched the white rump and flagging tail as the buck bounded away; my father said: “always watch your back trail.” When I asked why, he told me that often a whitetail will let you pass and then circle around to continue on to his original destination. He also told me that you want to keep an eye on your back trail for predators sneaking up your backside. Over the years watching my back trail has just become habit and a way of life.

What you see here is our back trail; you’re welcome to come along with us on our adventures and look back on where we’ve been. We hope you enjoy.


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