Easy like a Sunday…afternoon

23 Oct

I have plenty of stories to tell and adventures to share from this past year…I’m way behind in putting pen to paper! In the meantime; I thought I’d share this post from the blog’s facebook page that I posted last night. I love this time of year!

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be breathtakingly  beautiful…after the cloud cover cleared enough to allow the sunset to reflect off of the Northeastern sky.

This afternoon, my wife and I took a nice little walk to a “Wildlife Preservation” area that’s located only a couple of miles from our house. The area was created to “mitigate” the habitat destruction that was caused when a nearby dam was built, a half a century or so ago. We just think that it’s a good excuse to go for a walk.
The colors were nothing short of beautiful and the lighting was verging on dramatic. Everything reminded me of some gigantic oil painting that must be hanging in some great castle’s hall somewhere. Next to tapestries emblazoned with an ancient family’s crest and with walls blackened by centuries of fires from a regal fireplace…somewhere, if you are listening really closely…you can hear the sounds of Masters of the Hunt laughing and re-telling the days adventures, while their worn out and trusty hounds lay in the rushes, with well-earned bellies full, soaking up the heat from the coals. For me; my castle lies in the hills of North Idaho and my “great hall” lies out beyond my front yard…and this is the painting that I see. We all know the painter and his works are perfect.
Afternoons like this are good for the soul…afternoons like this are the reasons that artists put paint to canvas and poets put pen to paper. When life and times become torturous and are dragging you down like some gigantic tugboat anchor…one only has to step outside and let the brilliance of an autumn afternoon soak into his bones and wash away the trouble and worry. Autumn afternoons like this are made for sinking to your knees, looking heavenward and thanking God to be alive.

My beautiful wife just soaking it in and enjoying our outing.

I let Saxton take a sniff of the turtle shell that I found…but he wanted to take a bite; instead.

The Northwest sky was lit up beautifully from the sunset’s back-glow.

The reflection in this beaver pond reminded me of an oil painting…it was almost surreal as I stood on the shoreline and stared into the water for several minutes. I really regretted not taking my DSLR camera with me this afternoon.


2 Responses to “Easy like a Sunday…afternoon”

  1. caseygallagher October 28, 2012 at 2:39 am #

    Great photos! Beautiful country

    • Luke Johnson October 29, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

      Thanks Casey! I’m glad you enjoyed them.

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