Alaska DIY: nothing comes easy

18 Sep

This was a day Darin and I were down in the doldrums. At this point; it was hard to keep our heads in the game and keep looking ahead.

Actual journal excerpt from Day 5:

“Aug 31st-day 5 of hunting.

Today has been pretty much a bust. I really have no idea what time it is; nor am I really sure of the exact date…time has had no real meaning, or has it been of much consequence on this trip.”

I have been back from my Alaskan adventure exactly one week and still have not quite settled back into my normal, everyday groove. In fact it was several days before my body realized that it wasn’t in the Arctic anymore. As we headed farther South and the temperature rose; my “thermostat” seemed to rebel on me. It was set to deal with temps between twenty and fifty degrees, with icy wind chills. And my internal clock was used to days that started with a five a.m. sunrise and ended with a sunset close to midnight. Ah…the “land of the midnight sun”!

Since it will take some time to wrap my mind around my recent experience, enough to re-tell it; I figure a rough overview is in order. So much happened on this trip…I really don’t even know where to begin! There were a few days that seemed an entire adventure unto themselves and seemed to last far past any twenty four hour period.

Journal excerpt: Aug 24. “As we got closer to Alaska; the cloud cover was like thick snow (or mashed potatoes). Every once in awhile a mountain top would poke through the clouds; like a rocky island.”

Some of the highlights included two different stalk attempts on Grizzly Bears, being “lost” out on the tundra for seven hours; during thick fog and freezing rain, which didn’t allow Darin and I to get back to camp until around eleven o’clock at night. A couple very memorable stalk attempts on two magnum caliber bulls; one of which was completely caught on film. Awaiting in ambush along the Sag river for a herd of Caribou to commit to crossing. Having someone siphon gas from Brandon’s truck and attempt to siphon from ours. We saw quite a few animals that I was very excited to see; including Musk Ox, Red Foxes, a silver Hoary Marmot, Wolves, Ptarmigan, Dall sheep and obviously Caribou (one of my favorite animals) and Grizzly bears.

All in all; this was one crazy adventure and definitely a “true Alaskan experience”!

Brandon waiting in ambush; hoping this 7 footer would veer closer in our direction. She is at 89 yards in this pic.

Darin pondering our situation during our seven hour stint of being “lost” out on the tundra and being really glad he spent all that money on his Stormfront pieces by Sitka Gear

Stay tuned!


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