2011 Outdoor Photo Contest…Final Round!!!

3 Jan

One great day spent with family and friends during this past late season.

It’s been a great year, here at The Backtrail and so far we’ve had some great entries into our 2011 Outdoor Photo Contest. We are super excited to give away some awesome prizes to some folks for sharing their backtrail with us.

On that note; depending on how generous we feel…we might have prizes to give away for not just the winner; but also for the #2 and #3 spots…!

This is the last round of entries; no more are being accepted, but the voting will go on for the next two weeks. The entries for the previous two rounds can be voted on throughout this period as well. After the week of Jan 16th; we will tally up the votes, do some internal voting and announce the winner(s)!

So let the voting begin!

Allen Burril: Idaho Antelope

Andrew Basabe: Dawn's Huge 2011 Muley.

Brandon Lefebvre: A Way Of Life.

Brandon Lefebvre: The Finish Line.

Dale Pearson: Tinfoil Hat Princess.

Earl Johnson: Forgotten Homestead.

Jason Burgess: Bluebird Day.

Jeannie Williams: Califronia Blacktail.

Kim McCormick: Honeymoon In South Africa.

Kim McCormick: Memories Of A Montana Buck.

Lee Olson: Canada Backcountry.

Travis Smith: The Good Life.


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