A Change Of Scenery Can Be Good For The Soul

14 Nov

Chad Bell in "the usual mode"; but thinking about the change of scenery to come.

I got an email from our buddy Chad Bell; describing a chance to break out of his routine and hunt the “Primitive Weapons” season. He plans to wipe the dust off of his old, Break Action H&R 45-70 and chase some deer with family and friends, on a farm outside of his usual stomping grounds. Sounds like fun, Chad! Enjoy the change of scenery. LJ.


The gear is all laid out; ready for something a little outside of the norm.


I will have an opportunity to get into some different woods than the same ole place that I normally hunt.  Good friends and a change of scenery is always a good thing for the mindset and the vision of what is about to come, as I prepare to head north to Illinois.  All the gear is checked, the weather should be fairly cool; which will hopefully make the movement better than average. And with the impending opening of a gun season, the movement surely will be better than that of the quiet archery woods.

It looks like it's about that time!

Here’s to watching my back trail. Let the smell of fresh, burnt powder fill my nostrils, the smoke clear to the vision of a white belly laying in the tall grass of an open field. And with it, the excitement of bringing home some fresh venison and a mass of antlers!  Game On!



Lock and load! In the words of Chad Bell; "game on!"



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