Our first ever: 2011 OUTDOOR PHOTO CONTEST!!!

8 Nov

This was one of my favorite photos I was able to take this year; this was taken the last week of September while in Montana. This is my best friend Darin, on the way to stalk a big buck we spotted one morning.

Here at The Back Trail, one thing is apparent; we thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. And what better way to preserve our outdoor adventures, then through photography. When I first set out to create Watching The Back Trail; I knew that I wanted it to be fun and to get other people involved.

Lately the Back Trail fan page on facebook, has slowly been picking up support and we wanted to show our appreciation…. by doing something fun! I’ve seen all kinds of different contests on facebook; mostly “fan drives” that have you send over all or your friends to “Like” your page. While we have already tried that and it was success… instead of doing something like that again; we would rather get everyone involved and allow them to share “their Back Trail”.

And it seems necessary to encourage people to get involved; you gotta give them a nudge to participate. We figured that a cattle prod wouldn’t quite fit the bill; so we’ve set out to create a nice little prize package. It started out by Bowtech Archery donating some cool swag; so it was going to be an “archery prize package”. And to further that along; HHA Sports was super generous and donated one of their awesome (and stupid simple to use) Optimizer Lite bow sights…but then it started to take a little turn. Corey Jacobsen informed me that him and the staff at Elk101.com wanted to contribute some of their awesome All Star elk calls and also a subscription to the upcoming Extreme Elk magazine…WOW! Is this getting exciting or…is it just me?!  So instead of a “super rad and exciting archery prize package”; we’ll be having a “hells yeah and that’s what I’m talking about-hunting prize package”…! Either way, someone’s getting some cool stuff! 🙂

The contest ends on the last day of 2011 and we are hopeful that some other cool prizes will be added to the pot before it’s all said and done. So…without further adieu; here are the first entries to the 2011 Outdoor Photo Contest!

Ryan Meyers: "AZ Arrow Tree"

Dustin Hotchkin: "Adding Some Comfort to Elk Camp

Troy Duthie: "Game Cam Elk Herd".

Ryan Meyers: "Spring Ram".

Ryan Meyers: "Dad's Buffalo".

Matt Mortensen: "Elusive Mule Deer Bucks".

Kim McComrmick: "Husband's Goat Hunt."

Justin Youngblood: "Winter Sunrise".

Justin Youngblood: "Bowhunt Sunrise".

Darin Staab: "Unicorn Buck".

Andrew Basabe: "Archery Bull Elk."


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