The Wapiti conundrum.

22 Oct

It’s been over a month since I awoke in a tent, to the sound of elk bugling…but sometimes, when the wind is right; I can still hear them. In fact; there have been times where I’ve been stopped mid stride; with the musky smell of elk filling my nostrils. For a split second I catch myself holding my breath, straining to hear phantom elk mews. I shake off the feelings with a shudder and realize that I am standing in the middle of the office, at work; while catching curious glances from my co-workers.

Everything about hunting elk brings your senses alive. Following their sounds and smells through the beautiful country they live in is something that I live for.

Call it what you may; call it a sickness, call it an obsession. But I was born with the longing of the high and lonely places deep in my bones. And to me, nothing stirs these emotions like the sounds, smells and sights of the elk woods during their rutting period. Everything seems so…viberant and visceral. The colors seem so much brighter and more intense, with the smells being overpowering…intoxicating. With the heightened elk activity, the mountains feel more alive and charged with energy. It’s a heightened state of awareness that’s indescribable…every fiber of your being fires more quickly as you navigate through the terrain almost “feeling” your way, more so than just seeing or hearing. It’s a unique experience to be at peace, as you calmly slip through the woods and then unexplainably, a sense of hyper alertness takes you over…your senses seem to rush away from your body, like probes of an extra terrestrial design. You feel it in your bones; you know something is about to happen.

This is elk hunting.

September concluded without any tags of my own being punched. My freezer goes unfilled; but my soul is filled with memories and emotions left over from the hunt. I was to continue on to Montana with my closest friend and aide him in the field. And once again, even though no Wapiti left Montana to travel home with us; the experience was unforgettable.

Stay tuned for our “Montana momentum”.


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