Live it, Share it…The Passion

6 Oct

Over the last 23 years; only the gear, tactics used and the size of deer tagged have changed...the passion remains the same. Chad bell wrapping up another successful deer hunt, adding fuel to the flames of his hunt stoke.

October 1st, 2011….so this is the beginning of my 23rd year of the passion that I developed for the outdoors.  I can’t explain it, just like most people who suffer from the same anxiety every year…just waiting on the opening day of hunting seasons all across our great country.  Whether it be Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope or some of the other large game of the Northwest. Or it be the days that the Midwest and Southern hunters have to wait impatiently, all the while watching the reports and seeing the pictures of giant bull elk, huge mossy horned mulies and full curl rams in grip and grin photos. Making the days seem to crawl by as September passes so quickly for the western spot and stalk hunters. 
Once October finally gets here, we are so eager to just get in a stand with our archery gear.  Cool temps are golden, but 80 degree afternoons don’t stop us from sweating a little and swatting mosquitos just so we can be up a tree, waiting for the opportunity to fling that first arrow.
Now that we have started our trek, for the next four months of chasing our quarry whether it be whitetails, waterfowl or any other animals that we hunt.  Stop and take a minute to remember the day, the moment, the hunt and the people who were there to share it with you.  The friends or family that brought you and taught you how to hunt. The rules of safety and the code of ethics that all hunters and outdoorsmen should follow.  Hunting is a discipline and we are disciples, students of the outdoors and we should approach the gift of the outdoors as a privilege. 
Do you have a picture of your first kill?

Just take a look at this young man's face...what you see is the transformation from boy to man. You can't help but notice the twinkle of accomplishment and a hint of determination...what you see is the beginning of a passion.

 Here I am, November 24th, 1988 at 15 years old with my first whitetail.  And so this was the beginning of my 1st year of the passion that I developed for the outdoors.  Don’t lose the passion.  Share it with a young person and teach them so that the future of our great tradition has roots to continue for generations to come.
Chad Bell.

One Response to “Live it, Share it…The Passion”

  1. Luke Johnson October 7, 2011 at 4:48 am #

    Yep, I can totally relate, Chad! I tell you, having such a short early season…that ends just when you are getting started…and then watching for the next month or so all of your buddies and peers posting up pics of awesome bull elk…while you just sit and pine away…yep, I can relate!
    And we are “students of the outdoors” and we can’t forget that. We cannot lose sight of this and get caught up with all of the “no holds barred” trohpy hunting that is so prevalent today. We cannot forget where we came from or why we are here, doing what we love to do. Take a second to tip your hat to those who started you along the path…and always take time to pass the tradition on.

    Yep, amen brother Chad!

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