Dreaming of the North country.

28 Aug

It’s been a long-standing dream of mine to head up to the “North country”. The place has haunted my dreams for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure how the seed was planted; maybe it just seemed such a wild and exciting place to me as a child. My father often spoke about traveling north to hunt Caribou, Moose and Grizzlies and to “just poke around”; although I don’t think he ever made the journey.

There is something that just seems so primeval and untamed about places like The Yukon, The Northwest Territories or anywhere associated with Alaska. “The last frontier”…even the names drip with excitement; Yellowknife, The Aleutians, Kodiak Island, Black Dome, Deadhorse, Denali…not to mention all of the Russian or Native sounding places. They all sound like somewhere a person could  go and just disappear, back to a time more savage, yet much more simple and filled with adventure.

Well, it is quite possible that I may get to realize my dream next year. If it all works out; it well may be my only chance to hunt The Last Frontier…with keeping money as a limiting factor; I have to make it count!

If you had just one shot to travel anywhere “up North” to hunt; what animal would be your number one priority?

It's always been a dream of mine to stalk a palmated, tall tined caribou with bow in hand.

There probably is nothing more exhilarating and dangerous than pursuing a huge Grizzly in his own backyard!


The largest member of the deer family definitely grabs your attention with his huge and palmated antlers.


The Stone and Dall Sheep's regal bearing, beautiful cape and curving horns are only perhaps matched by the majestic and rugged mountains they call home. A sheep hunt would be an adventure and definite hunt of a lifetime.


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